Why is it that so many of us toggle back and forth in this faith thing like we’re casually changing the channel for a show to watch? One week we’re all in and the next we fall back into our worldly patterns. Why is that?

Is it because you’re tired of the “holy life”? Or maybe it’s because the blessings aren’t falling the way you thought they would, so you retreat to your old ways because if God can’t do it “I will.” OR is it that you’re over taking the honest and often long road that’s met with tons of potholes and inconvenient surprises?

Whatever the reason is, I suppose somewhere along the line you started to have expectations of God that He never promised to fulfill. And as a result you unknowingly traded your once fully committed marriage to Christ for a situationship because of the picture you painted. When reality doesn’t live up to that image you get disappointed that God didn’t come through like (/when) he was supposed to, and as a result you find yourself drifting from Christ.

I know this may be a tough subject to cover but it’s important to address because too many of us are breaking our own hearts over a false reality of who God is. I’ve spent so many nights of my marriage to Christ with my back towards him at night because He didn’t do what I thought He’d do. It’s unfair to put something on Christ He never promised (or didn’t reveal a timeline too) and then get mad at Him for not doing it our way.

God isn’t who you say He is and He doesn’t march to the beat of your drum, HE IS WHO HE IS. Once we stop imagining who Christ is and begin to accept God for who He is, so many of us will become so rooted in Christ that no tragedy or unanswered prayer can move us away from Him. In the good and the bad times, you’ll know that God remains true and good throughout it all.

I strongly encourage anyone who often finds their fire for God burning at varying degrees to take note of who God is to you and match that up to what the bible says. If your image doesn’t align with the word, then it totally makes sense why the struggle to stay committed has been real. I’m sure a lot of us have a bunch of deprogramming to do, so please stay in prayer, read your word, connect with wise council and share your sentiments with friends. You’re not in this alone, you can always leave a comment below or email me at monique@withlovebylove.com if you need someone to talk to or pray with.

For those who don’t really understand who God is or wants more insight, I’ve created a guide (with scripture) to help you see who He is and who He is not.


Monique Love

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