Hey loves! No long post here. I just wanted to stop by and remind that you are more than a (future) wife.

When you give your life to God, the goal is to live for Him and be a vessel to share His message to the world. God doesn’t keep you on earth to quench your thirst for marriage, He’s got bigger plans for you than just co-creating. There’s already created lives on this planet who don’t know the gospel that you are called to teach it to.

With the influence of social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the picture perfect image of marriage that many end up idolizing and ultimately feel empty without it. I’ve been one of those victims. A man is supposed to compliment you, not complete you. The only one who can fill in those empty spaces and complete you is God. Oh, and if you’re too busy being idle because you’re waiting for a man, what’s he supposed to compliment?

Want to know how to attract someone who’ll compliment you rather than search for someone to complete you? Die DAILY, pick up your cross and follow Christ. Be obedient and follow the instructions you’ve been given. The man will arrive when God needs him to. The arrival time is different for everyone. However, there should be a common denominator of your future husband finding you being busy and obedient working on God’s call on your life. And most likely his skills, interests or resources will compliment your assignment.

Your life doesn’t start with a man, it started when you gave your life to Christ. You’re more than a (future) wife. ❤️


Monique Love

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