In a perfect world, we’d all wake up to work jobs we absolutely LOVE. Wouldn’t life be amazing? There would definitely be less fine lines and gray hair strands in the world.

Sadly that isn’t the truth for many of us. Some of us, though blessed, are miserable at our jobs.

That was me for a long time (I still feel unhappy at times), however God has given me this shift in perspective that I just have to share with you! Your perspective can either be a blessing or a curse.

I’m not sure if anyone can relate, but I’m constantly chasing the big plans God has for my life. Whether it be growing With Love By Love into a media empire or finally having that Jesus obsessed family, seeking purpose is my thing. “God what do you have for me and what do you need me to do?”

However, too often many of us are looking for ways to be used by God on the grand-scale that we overlook the opportunities in our faces. Work could definitely be one of those things.

Between the micromanaging boss, annoying co-workers, and not being paid enough, it’s hard to find the beauty of purpose in the midst of the chaos.

We all want to join the good fight of faith, but what it if the fight starts at work?

Now, I’m not telling you to lead a sermon during the next meeting or to bless the coworker you can’t stand with some holy water in their coffee. Don’t worry, babe, your time will come. But maybe if you apply that Colossians 3:23 mentality to your work ethic, God will shine through and people will start to ask questions. You don’t have to shout God’s name to the heavens in order to be effective.

I know that may sound cliche, but it’s true! My salvation is a testament to the importance of being purposeful at your job. I gave my life to God on the sales floor at work. My manager planted seeds and made work a safe enough space that when I had an encounter with God, I accepted Him.

Because of my experience, I recognize my job as more than a paycheck. It’s truly a battlefield and we as Christians have the opportunity to suit up on behalf of Christ. I’ve led more people to Christ in my retail jobs than I have anywhere else.

Work is the perfect place to bear the light of Christ because it’s filled with non-believers, lukewarm Christians and the saints who need love. If you want to make a difference in the body, consider doing God’s work at your job. By changing the lens you look at your job through, you’ll see that there are many opportunities to be purposeful.

Now, y’all know I can only share the truth! Therefore I can’t come on here sharing this message and act like it’s been peaches and cream for me. Because IT HASN’T! I’ve recently been STRUGGLING with keeping up this vibe at work because some of my co-workers have been TRYING me. JESUS! There are many things that I am, and fake isn’t one of them. If I have a problem with you, you’ll know because I don’t know how to conceal those feelings. God’s still working on me in plenty areas.

Just last night, I prayed to God for strength to continue doing the things that He needs me to do at my job and not to allow drama to detour the mission. Where there is purpose, the enemy is close by trying to knock you off course from doing God’s work. He knows where to hit you to get you to stop. BUT when you are aware of his wack games, you can overcome. That’s what I’m doing right now. Pressing pass the emotions and continuing doing what God has called me to do.

The same goes for you, love. I understand how much it sucks to be at a job you don’t like. Your degree(s) say you deserve better. But maybe, just maybe, God has you where you are because it’s not your degree/ experience that qualifies you but it’s the call on your life.

Have you considered that He can only trust you with completing such an assignment.? That’s an honor! Maybe He’s using this time to strengthen you for what’s next. You just never know exactly why God has you where you are but you can trust that as His child there’s purpose in it.

I implore you to shift your vantage point so that you can see what God sees for you. Don’t allow that overbearing employee to take you away from your assignment.

If you’re looking for a new job because you just can’t take it anymore, I encourage you to pause until God tells you to move.

If your work culture is toxic, press into Him and your community more than ever so that when you enter that space, you aren’t taken out.

I pray that this helps anyone who’s struggling at work to change their perspective.


Monique Love

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