It’s so funny how when God installs a word into you, He will confirm it through various parts of your life. That’s been the case with this blog post I’ve been writing about understanding the power behind the words you speak.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my childhood church which is a New Thought Christian church that emphasizes on the power of the tongue. The other day, my friend shared with me her word for the new year, manifestation which sprawled into a lengthy discussion in a group chat about how the life we live is a reflection of the words we speak. And then this past Sunday, my past preached a PHENOMENAL message on watching what you say.

So yeah, all those instances within a short window was no coincidence, but all the confirmation I needed that God wants me to share this with y’all.

Do you know the power of your tongue?

Physically, it’s said to be the strongest muscle in your body. Biblically it’s described as having the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). Basically, your tongue and the words it forms are powerful AF and are a direct reflection of what you believe to be true in your heart.

My pastor (gotta give credit where credit is due) challenged my faith by asking, do I believe what I’m praying for? A clear indication of that is by the words your speak and the moves you make.

Now, I’m going to challenge you to answer the same question. Once you rise from your prayers, do you words and actions align with what you just prayed?

For instance, in prayer are you asking God to bless you with the husband He promised you but 20 mins later are you on the phone with your girl worrying about being single forever? Well, if you truly believe the promise God gave you, would you really be worrying about something that speaks completely against what He said?

You wouldn’t!

Manifestation is real, y’all. Your words are seeds that get planted into the world waiting to grow. If you keep feeding those seeds with doubt and worry, nothing good will come of it. HOWEVER, if you use your words to speak God’s will and goodness, you will be cultivating a soon to be fruitful harvest.

True story. About a month before I rededicated my life to God, I had somewhat gotten into the world of astrology. I wasn’t fully bought into the idea, but I was definitely entertaining it. (For some context, I had just gone through a break-up that I didn’t see coming, so I was looking into anything to make sense of what happened.) One day when I was at work (the very same place where I gave my life to God), a woman walked in to shop. Being the personable sales person I was, we started talking about our lives and somehow started talking about zodiac signs. Turns out that this woman did astrology for a living. She was very into me and wanted to gift me with astrology readings and everything. Being mentally and vocally desperate for an answer to my recent heartbreak, I was open to it. The woman said she’d return another day to do it. But later that month, I had an encounter with God in that very place I received the invitation to participate in some ungodly things. The first two months of my new life, the woman would come into the store regularly to try to lure me back into astrology. My manager at the time played an instrumental part in my Christian life and she told me that the woman could see that I was at a crossroads and was trying to get me to chose the dark world over Christ. I was so lucky to have a boss who protected me spiritually like that. She told me that the only way I could chase her away was to jump two feet into Christ and be confident in my decision. Once I did that, the woman never came back again. Side note, I never told this woman that I gave my life to Christ or even felt conflicted. This was my first knowledgeable experience with spiritual warfare.

I say all of that to say, the enemy is roaming this earth listening to what you are saying. In the book of Job, satan tells God that he’s been “roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.”

Love, be intentional about your words because he’s literally looking for the chance to pounce on your weakness, doubts and negative words. He’s actively waiting for the opportunity to take you far away from your divine assignments. I’ve been a firsthand witness, he tried to take me out before I even started.

Just as much as I am stressing the power of your words, I’m referring to your thoughts as well. Because the bible says “as a man thinks, he is” and that is so true. The words formed out of our mouth are a reflection of your thoughts. So when those negative thoughts come into your mind, capture it and cast it down before it’s seed can grow into mayhem.

James 1:19 is goals for me. Like I strive to be slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to anger on the daily.

By being slow to speak and actively listening to the Holy Spirit, you allow God’s voice to be the loudest voice in your mind which then has the ability to give you a different perspective. The better perspective. Your words are formed in your thoughts before you even speak them. So it’s important that you give way for the Holy Spirit to shape your thoughts.

Now by no means am I telling you to completely ignore your feelings. Because I’m not. I think as friends and children of God, you should be able to honestly go to Him with your raw thoughts. I mean, you can only cast your burdens unto Him, if you share your burdens with Him. However, don’t stay there with your feelings. Acknowledge God’s truth (which will probably be contrary to your feelings) and meditate on it until you believe it.

I truly pray that this post reaches the women who need to hear this.

My challenge for you is to set an appointed time every week to speak truth, light and love into yourself. Remind yourself who God say’s you are. Allow your words to be in agreement with what you’ve been praying for. Anytime a negative thought floats into your mind, capture it, cast it down and speak truth to that lie. I’ll be posting affirmations everyday this week in my IG stories to hold myself accountable, you can too! Just tag #withlovebylove and @withlovebylove_ so that I can see and repost.


Monique Love

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