Trials Of The RockHey Ya’ll! I got one of my favorite bloggers, Aundra Williams of, on the blog today. Aundra is sharing some wisdom about how faithful God is when we go through the many trials we face in life. Basically God has our back ALWAYS and He’ll never leave us astray. I don’t want to give away the goods before you read this post, so go read it for yourself! After reading this post, go to her site, to read more of her work!

Guest Blog – Trials Of The Rock

“The angels of God will steady you with their hands to keep you from stumbling against the trails of the rock.” Psalms 91:12

Here I am God standing knee-deep in the deepest valley of my life, inhaling my last ounce of faith wondering how do I finish this race. I muster up the courage to stand but yet I’m hit with another rock. Another rock of set backs, another rock of distraction, another rock of depression, another rock of loneliness, another rock of anxiety.  I scramble  to every corner of my life but yet there’s  another rock. Another rock of fear, another rock of doubtfulness another rock of jealousy.

God says my child the rocks (obstacles) you’re experiencing are not meant to over take you and devour you, for he has sent help. God has dispatched his angels to be your crutch to keep you from falling against the trails of the rocks. God is so faithful that he hears the cries and faint whispers your speak out that he wants you to know that will never leave you nor forsake you during this journey . He feels your pain deep within his bones and he will never put more on you that you’re able to bear. Then you’re able to manage at this present time in your life. As you’re trodden through this journey wondering how am I making it? How did I survive the angry climates of this trail? It’s because God has preserved you and kept you lodged deep within the cleft of his rock while walking on this trail.

This trail wasn’t promised to be easy, but God promised His grace and protection. I know this trail you’re walking through seems difficult, but God is your present help. He will allow you to walk where rivers and storms will not over flow you and drown you. He will allow you to walk through the blazing fires and not get burned. Lean on God, for He is there! Helping you walk against the trails of the rocks.

How to overcome the rocks!

1. Stay encouraged!– Struggles doesn’t last always and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Keep the faith! Read Romans 8:28 & Romans 8: 18

2. Stay hidden in God If you’re not  actively praying, I strongly encourage you to pray! God is most present in our rainy, stormy seasons! Praying is your telephone to God so if you’re not praying and hiding in God during this walk through the trails it may be overwhelming and you may throw in your towel but they wait upon the  Lord their strength shall be renewed they shall run and not weary walk and not become faint  ( Isaiah 40:31)

3. Read your bible and repeat step 1&2! God’s word is life and if you’re bidding in his word and refilling yourself daily then you will not be equipped to deal with the rocks. God has given us the power to speak to those ” Rocks” in our life and command them to move ( Matthew 11:23) but if you’re not reading your word then you will NOT know how to handle situations that may occur in your life! Trust me, I always speak from experience!

Love You!

Aundra Williams.

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