I had to get this post in today so here I am writing 30 minutes before work. The love, drive and dedication is real! And although I love the hustle of this blogging thing all while working a day job, I can’t wait for the day that this becomes my full time gig. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live out your calling everyday as your main occupation? Ahh, goals!

Until I get to that point where purpose and career marry, I have to balance my 9-5 and calling. I’m just a girl trying to keep my lights on and feed my soul. Can you relate to that?

As much as most would love to be in the position to live out their God given calling full time, that’s just not the reality. Before a dream becomes a full time career, you’ll find yourself working overtime hours which can burn you out.

Don’t worry though I’m here to help cure burn out and share tips on how I’ve been able to balance it all.

If you know that your calling isn’t your 9-5 yet you can’t find the time in you busy day to work on your calling keep reading for tips on how to juggle your career and calling.

1. Be realistic – Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get off an 8 hour shift and jump right into another? Yes it would. Unfortunately that’s not realistic and can be tiring. You may initially find yourself going hard juggling two full time gigs only to get burnt out quickly. My advice is to set a realistic amount of time everyday to work towards your side hustle. For me I spend about 2 hours a day working towards my blog, whether it is writing, taking photos or on social media.

2. Be productive – When I went down from trying to spend 8 hours a day blogging to 2 hours a day, I found myself being more productive. Use your scheduled time wisely. At the beginning of every week I write a to do list for the things I need to do. (Get a planner and schedule out your day, it helps so much!) I know I only have a set amount of time to accomplish it all so the list helps me to stay on track to complete it all.

3. Enlist the help of others – When you’re in the beginning stages of your side hustle, you’ll find yourself doing everything. Trying to be CEO, assistant, graphic designer, etc can be tiring. Get 3rd party help wherever you can. There are great sites where you can find virtual assistants that are trained in accounting, graphic design, helping with busy work, etc. If outsourcing isn’t in your budget, recruit your friends and family. My sister does my hair, I have a friend who designs clothes and my friends take my pics. That definitely lightens the load so that you can spend your time doing the meat of your work!

4. Say no to extracurricular activities – Although that daily happy hour meet up with your girl friends may be a big want, you may need to scale back on those 5pm gatherings. You can use that time spent indulging in discounted bites and drinks to work on your side hustle. Remember, saying no now will allow you to say yes in the future. Juggling calling and career is a sacrifice but is so worth it!

5. Carve out free time – It’s important to schedule free time to enjoy life regularly. Free time is important because it helps to refuel creative juices and keep you inspired. I usually schedule at least 1 day a week where I don’t work on my calling and just hang out with my girls.

6. Prioritize self care – Now that you have a game plan on how to successfully juggle your career and calling, you need to maintain this schedule. Eating healthy and working out often will keep you healthy and give you the energy to balance it all. So yes, that means you have to put down the donuts and pick up the fruit. Trust me, this is for your own good. You’ll soon find yourself with new found stamina and maybe even a few pounds lighter.

I hope this post offered insight on how to juggle career and calling. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Monique Love

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  1. JamesVow
    December 16, 2018 at 5:21 am (12 months ago)

    Make sure the childcare you have is right. It is likely not going to be the cheapest childcare available. However, it is vital to your career progression that you are able to leave what s happening at home in competent hands.


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