Although 1 in 4 Americans suffers from some form of mental illness, it’s a subject that is often brushed over in the Christian community. Why is that? We’re not completely sure. But what we do know is that since this issue isn’t addressed, lots of people sweep their symptoms under the rug ultimately suffering in silence. 

Believe it or not, there are Christians who are afraid to speak up because they believe that mental illness is the result of a lack of faith. Yall, that is certainly not always the case. There are just so many misconceptions about mental illness in the church that we thought it was time to finally get down to the bottom of this silenced subject in hopes that people will be freed from this topic. 

We had the lovely opportunity to talk with Seanita Scott, AMFT, founder of Ceaseless Pursuit Coaching who discussed the stigma of mental illness within the Christian community. Watch the video to below to learn more about what we have to say on this topic.

If you’re looking for a therapist, here are some great sites that list therapists all over the country:

Therapy for Black Girls
Psychology Today

Visit Seanita’s website at And you can follow her on Instagram at @ceaslesspursuitcoaching.

Hope you enjoyed this video!


Monique Love

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