Y’all already know that I’m a lover of music. Funny thing is that my ennegram number, type 4, reaffirms this because it says that music is everything to my type.

Music is like my sixth sense. It has this sort of influence on me that will set the mood for my moods. Can you relate? Like if I put on Anita Baker, whom I listen to on the daily, I’ll be all in my feelings wanting that good love she so beautifully talks about. Or if I listen to YG, I’m ready to turn up and act a fool with my friends. And as much as I love rap and R&B, I decided to take a break from “secular” music this week because I need to recenter and take back the power it has on me.

Anyone else ever feel like they just need to cleanse from the ratchet, lovey dovey songs?

If you’re right there with me or just want to be hip on what’s out there in the Christian Hip Hop (CHH) world, I wanted to put y’all onto this artist that I’ve been bumping lately.

GLO is a Christian Hip Hop Artist who has DOPE songs and boldly shares the gospel. Like on his latest album, “Born Again” he spends almost 4 minutes on the track “A.R.C.B.O.” telling people about Christ and inviting them to Christ. A whole alter call y’all.

You know, whatever gift or calling you’ve been instructed to pursue, God wants the same results from all of us and that’s to make disciples. Though GLO spreads the message of Christ in all of his songs, I’ve just never heard any other CHH artist blatantly invite people to Christ and tell them how to do it in that way.

In addition to the dope track that is A.R.C.B.O., all of his music is lit. So much so that it makes you want to do a holy kind of 2-step. LOL! No but really, his lyrics, beats and voice are just a mood. He has the type of music that you could share with your non-saved friends because the beats are a bop and they wouldn’t even know they’re being poured into until they really take the time to listen to the lyrics.

My personal favorite songs from the album are Fill Me Up, That Name, Just Like Dis, Gang Anthem and On Go.

If you’re interested in checking out his music, you can listen below and add it to your iTunes library!

I hope y’all have a great Monday!


Monique Love

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