After an exhausting and smelly hunt, I have finally found the BEST natural deodorant ever!

You may or may not know that I enjoy making my own beauty products. And I have tried tons of natural deodorant recipes, but none have stopped the funk. I like to think of myself as a hippie but I am not as a extreme as skipping deodorant. Because who likes to stink? Not me!

Living a natural and chemical free life can be really expensive and to be honest I don’t have the money to buy all the natural products I want. That is why I make a lot of my beauty products, because it is so much cheaper and the ingredients last longer. But there are just somethings that I can’t effectively make that will get the intended job done.

Exhibit A- deodorant.

So naturally, I have been on the hunt for a aluminum and chemical free deodorant for years and nothing has worked. I have tried so many brands out there from Toms, Schmidts, Crystal, etc and they have left me funky after a couple of hours (if that long).

Without further ado, I am thrilled to report that I have found an aluminum free deodorant that truly combats stinky, sweaty pits! This answer comes from a Los Angeles based company No Tox Life! The ingredients in this deodorant are vegan, beneficial, readable (which is very important to me) and effective. Yes, effective!

Photo taken from No Tox Life’s Instagram page

I’ve been personally using the Desert Rose + Frankincense scent, which smells heavenly but not overpowering.

The only downside is the steep price at $20.

Aluminum is an active ingredient that is found in most deodorants and is really bad for you. Like really bad. It has been linked to cancer (specifically breast cancer) and Alzheimer’s disease. So although this is one of my biggest splurge items in my beauty regime, it is so worth it! At some point, even the most frugal people like me have to figure what is important. Frankly, I’d rather spend $20 every 2 months on deodorant than to put harmful chemicals like aluminum in my body.

The Best Natural Deodorant EVER
Photo taken from No Tox Life’s Instagram page

I LOVE how I can enjoy an entire day of activity with the No Tox Life deodorant without sweating and smelling! If you’re a natural deodorant user, then you know that this is a huge win! And if you ever feel like you need to reapply, all you would need to do is wipe down your pits and reapply. Super simple and effective.

Directions and a note from No Tox Life’s website

“Our deodorant is strong and effective. It only takes one or two swipes to work.

If you are transitioning from an aluminum deodorant (antiperspirant) you might experience a detox effect for a few days to a couple weeks. What we mean by detoxing is: you may be more stinky and sweaty at first while your body is ridding itself of the buildup that has accumulated with antiperspirant use.

Antiperspirants block the pores so sweat (and toxins) can’t get out. Your body needs to sweat to remove waste.

We offer a travel size tube which is perfect for carrying along with you during your day. You may want to reapply during the first few weeks until the detoxing is finished. To reapply, first wipe the area dry, then just use one or two swipes to refresh your protection. After the detox period, the deodorant should last all day without need to reapply.”


If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can pick up the No Tox Life deodorant at their store in Glassell Park (where they also host frequent DIY workshops) or at varies farmer’s markets around the city (just check out their site to see where the will be for the week). They are also sold in several stores throughout the country or you can purchase online! You can go to their No Tox Life site to find a location near you!

I love new recommendations. What is your favorite natural deodorant? I’d love to know if it fights the funk? Have you tried the No Tox Life deodorant? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Monique Love



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