It’s the summer, summer, summertime!

Ahh aside from Fall, it’s the best season of the year! Watermelon is at it’s sweetest, brown skin is gleaming, crowns are moisturized af, festival season is lit.. I mean I could go on, but you get the point, right?! Summer season is the time to put on some shorts and live your best life.

As a member of the With Love family, it’s only right that we get you hip on game and help you to have your best summer yet with the 2019 to do bucket-list. 

1. Be in someone’s pool or beach – YESSSS!

2. Read a good novel (water side preferably) – there’s so many good books out there right now. What’s better than laying out while diving into a book that takes you into another world? I just finished reading the Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. Yo, it was so good! If you’re into romance novels then you need to get hip on Jasmine. She’s like Danielle Steele, but for the the people. So good!

3. Brunch as often as possible – I mean, need I say more?

4. Hit up a day party – Day parties differ from nightclubs in the sense that they usually involve foods, more socializing than the craziness of a nightclub would allow, chill (comfortable) outfits and includes a pool.

5. Travel – Whether it be another country, state or the next town over, take that accruing vacation time from work and go live your best life.

6. Worship loudly – Roll all the windows down in your car, drop the top (if applicable) and worship unashamedly. PERIODT

7. Enjoy a summer festival/ carnival – Right now is the peak of festival season. Vegas just announced a new music festival, Day N Vegas and they have a pretty dope line up with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar headlining.

8. Christian conference – Have you been to a Christian conference? If not, you need to go but be sure to bring some wig tape because the right conference snatches wigs. LOL but seriously. There are some dope Holy Spirit filled Christian conferences out there that are edifying and life changing all while slowly snatching wigs. A popular summer conference is the Woman Evolve Conference in Denver which is orchestrated by Sarah Jakes Roberts.

9. Use sun screen daily – Although melanated skin protects brown skin from sun damage more than it does those without a hefty dose of rich melanin, it doesn’t exempt you from feeling the wrath of the treacherous sun’s rays. So, lather you face, body and hands with SPF to protect your beautiful skin from the sun. ☀️ Trust me, your 70 year old self who looks 40 will thank you.

10. Go on a date – All my singles, all my single ladies. ‘Tis the season for the aunties to have a some fun!

11. Work on a creative project– Summer is filled with lit activities, however, don’t neglect your passion for pleasure. Set aside sometime this summer to work on that side hustle/ project!

12. Watch a movie in the park, rooftop or even a cemetery – Yes, you read that correctly – I said cemetery. All over the states (and I’m sure beyond), several organizations host movie nights on rooftops, parks, cemeteries and the beach. It’s such a vibe and the perfect date night/ girls’ night outing. Full disclaimer- we’ve never been to movie night at the cemetery because that’s not our thing. However, it’s really popular here in LA and thousands of people flock to the Hollywood cemetery weekly to watch cult classics. If that’s your thing, do you boo and have fun!

13. Wear a protective hairstyle – Alexa, play Don’t Touch My Hair by Solange Knowles. Whether you braid it up like Gab Union, get passionate with passion twists or weave/ wig it up, the summer is the perfect time to rock that low maintenance hairstyle you’ve seen your favorite celeb/ influencer wearing. Isn’t life better when you don’t have to worry about your hair getting wet in the pool?!

14. Spend within your mean – Now sis, I know this is a long list of possibilities. However, stay within your means. Don’t tap into you rent budget for a drink with the girls. The turn up is never THAT serious.

What are you summer plans? Would love to hear your plans in the comments!

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