Confession time. I was homeless for about 3 years. Okay, so no I wasn’t without a home to lay my head but I was without a spiritual home.

3 years ago, God called me away from the church where I got saved. In retrospect, I think I moved prematurely because it took me 3 years to find a church home. Well actually, I know leaving my old church was premature because the church I’m at now wasn’t even formed at the time of the revelation I received. Sometimes God will give insight into His plans for your life BEFORE giving you the green light to move right away. So before you move make sure God tells you it’s time.

Those years were hard because with the move I lost a lot of my Christian “friends” and I did not have a spiritual adviser who I could seek wise counsel from. I was lost, alone and ultimately I spiraled into a depression. (I am going to discuss the importance of having a church home and serving in your church in a later post). But anyways, ya girl made it out of the deep end! Despite my premature move, God placed me in a home that feeds my soul, pushes me to grow and also gives me the opportunity to sow into others. After visiting nearly every church in southern California for the past several years, it feels good to find a church that fits my needs.

One of the MANY things that I love about my new church is the every message is so timely. And the 3 part series, Bae Watch, that just wrapped up on Sunday wrecked my entire life, ya’ll.

It’s so crazy that I was even touched by a relationship sermon. I usually can’t relate. I haven’t dated in 5 years. It seems like the moment I got saved my attractive meter went down to a zero and no guys were checking for me. Like none! I went from being desired to not being noticed. And for the record, that lasted for 5 YEARS.

But sis, that has not been my story for the past several months. Old thangs and new guys have taken their shot at ya girl. No one worth talking about, but my feelings have been all over the place. Now that I’ve matured in Christ, I realize that the veil covering me was for protection purposes. God had to mend my heart from the heartbreaks I endured and also, change my views on relationships from the worldly patterns of the sexually based relationships that I was used to before having even a conversation with a man. Like if men were approaching me last year, I would’ve probably went back to my old, carnal ways. It was all I knew. Now that I’ve grown in Christ I have discernment, so I don’t even waste my time on the things that are from God.

Nevertheless, the sermon series Bae Watch was amazing and gave me insight on being able to decipher the God appointed from the worldly distractions. It was also a great reminder that there is purpose in being single. Never stop working, a harvest is produced on a cultivated seed.

Check out the sermon series and let me know what you learned in the comments.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Monique Love

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