I have been a big Francine Rivers fan ever since I read Redeeming Love! I just love how she is able to minister through storytelling with themes pointing back to the bible. Rivers is one of my favorite Christian authors because I connect with the way she is able to teach through fictional books. After reading a book of hers, I am inspired to dive deep into the bible to find God’s voice and get to know the stories in the Word. This is my third book I have read of Rivers’, continue reading to hear my thoughts on “A Line Of Grace” Francine Rivers book review!

About Lineage Of Grace

This compilation of the five books in the best-selling A Lineage of Grace series shares the stories of the five unlikely women who changed eternity. Tamar, betrayed by the men who controlled her future, she fought for her right to believe in a loving God. Rahab, a woman with a past to whom God gave a future. Ruth, who gave up everything, expecting nothing, and God honored her. Bathsheba, her beauty stirred the passion of a king, her pain moved the heart of God. Mary, all eternity had been waiting for this moment and she responded in simple obedience to God’s call.  Each was faced with extraordinary —even scandalous— challenges, each took great personal risk to fulfill her calling, and each was destined to play a key role in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

My Thoughts

A Lineage of Grace is a historical fiction book, meaning it is loosely based off five different stories in the bible. The theme of each story aligns with that of the bible and a lot of the character’s are the same with some added additions of characters and events. I like how Rivers was able to put me right in the middle of each story. Each novella is completed with about 4 bible studies that touches on the different theme’s of each novella. She brings the stories back to the bible, which was my favorite part. I was able to visually paint a picture which helped me to better understand the stories in the bible when I went back to read. Through this book, I was constantly reminded how amazing God is. If he can use a child, prostitute, foreigner, adulterous and a poor woman then He can certainly use often overlooked me.

The first three novellas which were the stories of Tamar, Rahab and Ruth were page turners. I literally read all three novellas in 2 days. I was already very familiar with Ruth but did not know much about Tamar and Rahab prior to reading A Lineage of Grace. The last two novellas about Bathsheba and Mary were also good read but were a lot longer than the first three and tended to be a bit harder to read. It was nice to imagine what Mary’s perspective could have been like as the mother of Jesus. All in all, I recommend A Lineage of Grace. It is a good read and though it does not fully stick to the events of the bible, it brings you right back to the Word with the bible study and by encouraging you to read the bible for yourself.

If you read A Lineage Of Grace, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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