Have you ever had a dope idea that left you wondering whether it was God sent or from you? Girl, me too.

As I was reading through God’s promise to Mary and Elizabeth & Zechariah in Luke 1, I was encouraged by the process of the promise. Below, I share three ways to help you identify the origin of the promise inspired by Luke 1.


The good thing about God, is that if He tells you something, He’ll make sure you know it’s Him. When my mom was in a coma a couple years back I heard God tell me that my mom wouldn’t die. For those three days that my mom was down, I received countless confirmation of His promise through people and His word.

As I was reading about the word God gave Mary about carrying The Promise, I was further comforted that confirmations is something God does. An angel came down from heaven and hand delivered the news of The Promise to Mary and God still took the time to reaffirm Mary of what He said. Angels don’t come to us like how they used to in the bible, totally wish they did though (would be dope). Most of us receive the promise through the Holy Spirit, which often feels like a gut feeling. It’s a lot easier for us to second guess or be more confused now. So best believe, God will send you confirmation whether it be through people, music, something you read, etc.

God makes a way for the promise

When Mary was rushing to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus, all of the inns were closed and her only option to give birth was in a manger. Mary was given the greatest promise of all time, and she gave birth to the promise in a run down, poop infested manger. Whew.. too often we give up when the plan doesn’t look as luxurious as we think it should since God is orchestrating from behind the scenes. However, Christ is methodical in his ways and has you going through the curvier road for a reason. Nonetheless, He still made a way for you.  Don’t let the walls standing in front of you stop you from walking in obedience. When you’re in alignment with Christ, He will knock down every giant standing in your way as easily as David taking down Goliath. 

God will stop you from sabotaging the plan

Elizabeth and Zechariah received a similar promise as Mary. Zechariah questioned the angel who delivered the news and didn’t believe. As a result God muted him for the duration of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. Elizabeth was carrying the very person who was critical to jump-starting Jesus’ mission on earth. No one could mess it up, not even the dad. When you get a word from God, you may notice that soon after people, jobs, etc. may disappear before. The promise He put in you is too important to Him to allow judgmental, non-believing people to influence you. He’ll get your affairs in order to set you up for the promise. 

Sometimes God will wait for you to move before He’ll send another word concerning the promise your way. That’s why I always try to write down the instructions as they come so that if I ever lose my way, I can go back to the last place I heard God. If God knows you’re looking for Him, He will make Himself seen. God’s confirmations aren’t limited to this list. I just wanted to shed light on the few ways He’s done it for me.

If you’re wondering who sent a word you received or if you need prayer OR if you simply want to talk, I’m here girl! Leave a comment below or email directly at monique@withlovebylove.com.


Monique Love

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