When God first led me to create With Love By Love, He told me exactly what He wanted it to be. With Love By Love was to be a complete lifestyle blog for the Christian Millennial. From faith posts to recipes to everyday life chit chat, With Love By Love talked about it. It’s a space where Christians can come together and promote a God filled, fun-loving life. But somewhere between my busy schedule, fear and LIFE, the vision of this blog fell into the cracks.

When God places an idea in your life, He will lay out the foundation but it’s our job to follow through. He gave us EVERY SINGLE THING we need to live out our purpose on this earth.  These fingers aren’t just for display or to hold a heavy piece of jewelry. Cough, cough to my imaginary boyfriend lol. Down to the fibers in your body, God has given you the equipment to do the work He created you to do.

The enemy will try to distract you & push you away from your purpose. He doesn’t want you to be obedient to Christ because that means you are sharing the gospel to others. The last thing he wants is for more people to get saved.

At what point do you realize that you are being pushed away from obedience because your calling serves a great purpose? At what point do you face your fears & run to a Jesus who will never scare or lie to you? These are the questions I had to ask myself before I got to this point. I’ve had to face my fear of stage fright because the result of my obedience is far greater than my feelings. Can we get real REAL? Another huge fear for me was that I would invest so much time and money into a blog and no one would read it. God quickly checked me on that one telling me that I am not writing for public recognition but out of obedience. When you are obedient with Christ, He will place the right people in front of you. I’ve realized that it’s not about the number of readers but the people who are impacted.

I was never able to fully walk in my purpose because I allowed fear and excuses to get in the way. And instead of giving my burden to God, I did the bare minimum while living in that fear. The bible tells us that when you seek God, He will deliver you from your fears (Psalm 34:4). Christ wants to take on our burdens so that we can flourish. Once you let go of your fears, you can boldly walk in love and the truth of Jesus Christ.

Now I am committed to being obedient and doing God’s work. Expect new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that covers a vast variety of topics that the Christian Millennial living in the world can relate to. Please keep me and this blog in your prayers as I take on this journey of walking in purpose. And also hold me accountable if you don’t see blog posts.

Are any of you walking in purpose? If so, what has God called you to do? Or has God told you what to do but you’ve been too afraid to jump two feet into purpose? What is holding you back? How do you plan to get over that hump? I’d love to hear from y’all! This is a community and we are all at different points in our faith walk. We battle different trials but we are ONE BODY and I want this to be a place of honest love and encouragement. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite!


Monique Love

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