Six years ago, I lived in a beautiful two bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles with my god-sister and god-son. They had one room while I had the other. Man, we had some good nights in that place with friends coming in and out just as much as the men we were dating. Our house was the party house for kids and young adults alike. I spent so many nights at that place playing host while nearly blacking out to my supply of liquor.

It was at this apartment where I had turned my worldly life around to take up my cross and follow Christ. That season, as a new Christian was so beautiful. I remember waking up at the crack of dawn daily to sit by our resort pool to spend uninterrupted personal time with God. In my room, I’d loudly blast sermons and Christian music all while getting closer to God. I’m still reaping the harvest from some prayers that were prayed in my old room.

Though I had given my life to Christ, my counterparts weren’t on the same page. My sis was still living like my previous life, and I started to resent my living situation. The bible says “that a household divided can’t stand.” There were many days where I felt the apartment’s roof caving in on me. But once I walked into my room, I felt God’s presence comfort me and all was okay, structurally at least.

That room with an attached ensuite became my sanctuary where God had an open invitation to be. The world could be on fire, but once I stepped a foot into my room, God’s presence would instantly greet me with His peace and love. And I wasn’t the only one who felt Him either. When people would come over, they always mentioned how my room was warm and peaceful despite the hot mess that was every other room in that apartment.

I was able to turn that little space of mine into an oasis. Even if your living situation isn’t ideal, you can still experience God in unbelievable ways there! Check out how to turn your home into your sanctuary just like I did.

Invite The Holy Spirit In

Growing up, my family and I would move every three years or so to a new home. And like clockwork, my aunt who’s the prayer warrior of the family would come over to bless the house. She would touch everything and pray over it. She rebuked any old spirits that were dwelling and more importantly invited the Holy Spirit into our new home. I watched her time and time again, welcome God’s presence into our home. To create a sanctuary, God needs to be there because it’s where you experience Christ.


In the movie, “War Room,” when prospective home buyers were looking at the Miss Clara Williams’ home, one couple INSTANTLY felt the Holy Spirit when they walked into her prayer closet. When you consistently go to war in the same space, the Holy Spirit, who is your helper, will linger.

Add your favorite pieces

What calms your nerves? Is it the sweet aroma of a candle or maybe it’s the sight of your prayers plastered over the walls? Whatever those things are for you, add them to your space! It’s essential to make your space as aesthetically appealing ling and comfortable as possible. Set the mood for your Christ time, boo!

Be vigilant of what you do in your space.

A sanctuary is a space where you should openly feel safe to worship God. Take note of the activities you partake in when you’re in your home as it can turn a place where you once felt safe to spend time with Christ to a space where you now feel ashamed. Protect your area at all costs! So, if you know that inviting that man over will lead to no good, don’t even let him in the door.

Keep your home clean

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get anything accomplished when my house is dirty. I feel rushed to finish whatever I’m doing so that I can clean up. Though, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” isn’t a Bible verse, a clean home will declutter your mind so that you can spend time with God distraction free.

The examples I provided are a list of ways that I’ve been able to create a sanctuary vibe in my home. What are some things that you do to create a safe and comfortable environment in your home? Let us know in the comments below.


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