2019 Christmas photos with my family!

“So, are you seeing anyone yet?” “

“When will you have a boyfriend?”

“Why don’t you have a man yet?”

“Are you secretly gay?”

Though I mainly show up to the function to stuff my face, I know that those are just a few of the questions I’m expected to be interrogated with at my family’s holiday gatherings.

Every year I show up without a man on my side, my family inserts themselves into my life to figure out how and why I’m still single. It’s like singleness is a disease they are trying to cure me from.

I’m tired of it!

Yes, I’m bracing the holiday season single but that’s not a handicap. I’m not lonely and I’m actually pretty (on most days) content. I work hard daily to find joy with where God has me by trusting Him completely with my life. And this year I won’t allow anyone/ situation strip away from the peace I worked so hard on having.

That being said, I know that I’m not the only one who has to deal with such foolery. So I’m here to add my contribution to the peaceful holiday season effort with my holiday survival guide for singles.

Limit social media time

‘Tis the season of marriage proposals. Even if you’re completely content with being single, seeing a bunch of your peers getting engaged or even displaying their love can be taxing. I recommend taking the day off of social media on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to protect your peace and joy.

Remind yourself that waiting on God is better than settling.

Don’t allow the meddlers, comparison or other’s blessings make you forget your why. Love, you know that you’re waiting on God because He has better for you than you or anyone else can give you. Trust Him and His timing. I find peace in the importance of waiting on God’s timing through the lives of Elizabeth and Zechariah. They were God’s faithful servants who waited decades for their promised son, John The Baptist. They didn’t understand why their prayers weren’t being answered but the truth is that God did answer their prayers, it just wasn’t on their timetable. You see, John The Baptist couldn’t be born at any random time. He had to be born in the same generation as Jesus because John was used to prepare God’s people for Jesus and then baptize Him. I know you may be frustrated with the time it’s taking for your prayer to manifest, but God is waiting on the perfect time to have the most effective impact. Rest on that truth.

Rehearse your answers to the common questions you’ll get

Face it, family will interrogate you to no end or make snarky remarks about you not having a mane and there’s no real way to escape the questions. But you can prepare yourself for the FAQs so you aren’t put on the spot without a good comeback. I love a good, sarcastic comeback! LOL

Spend Time With God Daily

Did you get the email I sent out on Monday? If not, let me share with you one highlight from it. Spending distraction free time with God is essential for your growth, transformation and building a relationship with Him. And in jolly seasons such as now, it’s important that you don’t miss a day. Fill up on Christ every single day so that you’re not easily effected by the challenges that the holidays can bring for singles.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monique Love

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