As I am writing this, I am literally at a crossroads. I have a big decision to make and I want to make sure I take the right path.

Okay, so let me give you more insight on the situation. One doesn’t allow me much financial freedom but provides sanity. The other is everything I need for an easier life right now. And although the latter path seems PERFECT, something ain’t sitting right with me there. Doesn’t that suck? Ugh, it’s everything that I want but deep down I feel that God doesn’t want me to take it. It’s a GOOD opportunity though. So, it can’t be the wrong choice, right?

I feel the importance in sharing that a good thing isn’t always a God thing because too often we get caught up with a picture perfect opportunity that we forget to consult with God before moving forward. Sometimes we may even mistake the opportunity as an answered prayer because it appears to be everything that we prayed for. And honestly that is not always the case. Not all of our prayers are answered because it isn’t in the will of God for our lives.

A “good thing” can be distraction from the great thing God has for us. Wait! Let me take a few steps back, I’m not saying that every “good” opportunity that comes our way is a disguise from the enemy. Psst! He doesn’t have that kind of power, sway or say so in our lives. BUT we do want to make sure we have discernment so that we are not blinded by the fancy lights of a godly man, a great job, etc.

Speaking of Christian men, just because he’s good, saved, sanctified and fine does not mean He is YOUR God sent man. A good thing doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing, it just means it’s not yours. God has something different and more suitable for you.

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Why you may choose a good thing over a God thing

If you find yourself feeling like you’ve made good decisions in your life but still feel that there’s better for you, then you could be living off of fruit from good things rather than God things. When you are living the life God has for you then you will feel complete. What God has for you fits you perfectly.

There’s usually two reasons why you choose good things over God things. The 1st is that you may not trust what God has for you. Philippians 4:19 says “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” When you trust God you know that He will supply all your needs. I love what the last part of that passage says. He supplies according to His riches for His glory. Sometimes our lack of trust comes from wanting God to provide us with our secular desires over His. Living a full life enriched in the goodness of God’s plan requires you to die daily, pick up your cross and follow Christ.

The 2nd reason is that you’re impatient. Sorry to be blunt with that but impatience causes us to rush and leads to poor decision making. A good on paper opportunity may appear and the clock is quickly approaching your deadline, so you choose the good thing because you feel like this is your last chance. The perfect thing that God has for you will come at the perfect time. If He said it then it’ll happen. Don’t act on something prematurely or too late because if it’s not the right time then it won’t have the impact it could’ve had at the right time. His time is never late or early, it’s always right on time.

It’s dire to choose God’s path in order to avoid going through unnecessary things you were never intended to endure. Too many times we’ve cried out to God wondering why He has us struggling but truthfully speaking, our trials aren’t always a result of God’s decisions. Sometimes where we are is the result of us calling the shots in our lives. But don’t fret! I believe that you will end up where God needs you if you pick up your cross and follow Him even if you’re living in a season caused by choosing a good thing rather than a God thing.

It’s never too late for redemption no matter how deep in you are. God uses our ugly messes and creates a beautiful masterpiece to glorify Him.

How do I know if it’s a God thing

When you spend time with God, you will be able to hear His voice which will give you clear direction on which steps to take. God’s word can be spoken through a variety of ways which include but are not limited to- peace, signs, prayer His word, wise counsel, etc.

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I’ll follow God into the darkest of places if that is where he needs me to go. My goal is never to pick the easy route for the sake of convenience. I want to chose what God wants for me whether it is easy or hard because with Him I have everything I need.

If you, like me, are at a crossroads in your life be sure that you’re checking in with God to be led down the correct path. What God wants for us is far better than what we can even hope to pray for ourselves. When you’re approached with a God appointed opportunity, you will know. Your spirit will be doing cartwheels and you’ll have peace.


Monique Love

2 Comments on A Good Thing Isn’t Always A God Thing

  1. Kree
    November 27, 2018 at 11:58 pm (1 year ago)

    This blessed me! Especially after starting my God opportunity career today!!! It was a trying 4 years waiting. After having 2 years and nothing! I was sad! I thought something was wrong with me! Thought I needed to know the “right people”. But God stopped me in my tracks and told me if I didn’t know him what would those people do for me more than what God has done for me. I’m so blessed and this post is literally right on time.

    Keep sharing and spreading God’s heart to His people. ❤️

  2. Johnny D.
    August 11, 2019 at 1:36 am (4 months ago)

    Thank you for this. This needs to be said more often. You see it all the time when something good happens and people are like “God is good” or “Praise the Lord” without using any spiritual discernment to see whether this “good” thing will actually help us or if it is meant to distract us


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