You guys! So, God recently kept me up all night teaching me the true meaning of forgiveness. First off, isn’t God amazing? I just love how He takes the time to talk to us and teach us so that we may grow to look more like Him. Second, what God was teaching me about forgiveness was mind blowing and completely next level.

Would you believe me if I told you the way most people approach forgiveness is completely wrong? And that any unforgiveness in your heart is blocking you from truly loving others? Not that, “I love you, you love me” superficial type of love but that real biblical love.

When God revealed this to me, it all made sense. I realized that my trouble with giving biblical love to people was connected to a hardened heart towards others who’ve hurt me in the past.

I’m glad I received this revelation because over the past several months I have approached forgiveness in a biblically aligned way which has ultimately improved my relationships with others.

I wanted to share a couple points that God made to me about forgiveness that helped to properly forgive in hopes that you are able to pardon the wrongs others have committed against you. 

Forgiveness holds no record of wrong. Whew, child! I’ve been guilty of holding onto receipts of the stuff people did to me. Does this sound familiar “I forgive you but I won’t forget what you did to me”? Jesus! In today’s society forgiving is to not hold unto a grudge but to remember what that person did. The Bible tells us to do the exact opposite. When we repent for our sins, God sends the sins into the sea and forgets our wrongs. When He looks at me He doesn’t see a person marked with sin. He actually sees the perfect version that He created. Some of us need to start praying to see others the way that God sees them because maybe that’ll help us to not hold the record of wrong.

Forgiveness is not conditional. This is the type of forgiveness that only happens when you know a person is truly sorry and won’t screw up again. How many times have you repented then turned around and committed the same sin? And yet God forgives us time again despite our broken promises. So if our perfect father, whose image and likeness we’re made in, can unconditionally forgive us why do some of us feel special enough to be conditional? God has been showing me to forgive despite the continuous wrongs another person makes. As hard as it may be to forgive, you have to have faith in the measures God will take to protect you from the fouls committed by another. 

Unforgiveness is like a cancer. It starts out in your heart but will eventually spread out to all areas in your life and effect you in unhealthy ways. The only cure to unforgiveness is to truly understand God’s love for you and then try to give that same love to others. Where there is love, there can’t be resentment. If you trust God with your pain, He will tend it and replace it with peace and healing. 

I pray that these pointers bless you if you’ve had trouble with forgiving people the way God wants us to so that you can live your best life.

Jesus, our example, went up on that cross knowing that the very people He was giving His life for put Him on the cross. If He was unable to forgive because He was holding records of our wrong then I don’t think He would’ve given His life for US. But thank you God for forgiving us even before we repent. Thank you God for allowing your love for us shine brighter than the sins we commit. Help us to make our lives look like a mirror image of you Jesus. Free us from the hardening of our hearts so that we may be free to do all that we are called to do.



Monique Love

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