*This is a throwback piece I wrote at 26. I am now 28, although my circumstances have changed, this is still very relevant and a good reminder for when we are in the wilderness.*

This year has been one of the toughest years of my life, I’ve dealt with everything from being without a stable home to intense character building tests. As a servant of Christ, I feel like I genuinely try to be who God has called me to be, so I often wondered why God has allowed his faithful daughter to deal with such hardship and turmoil. But then I had a revelation, the reason why I am going through this is because God loves me enough to allow me to suffer. Then I am instantly reminded of the tough love that my parents gave me in my childhood. Back then I was upset and did not understand the reason why my parents were so hard on me but now as an adult I realize that I needed that tough love because it has molded me into an appreciative, hardworking, responsible and God fearing adult.

So as a daughter of the King, maybe Daddy has to give me tough love in order to mold into the person He has created me to be. Maybe He believes in me so much that he knows that in order for me to fulfill the purpose that He has ordained over my life, I have to be in the wilderness for a while so that I can handle and value the Promised Land. Instead of being mad at God, I have learned to thank Him for believing in me more than I believe in myself!

So friends, if you are in a tough season I encourage you to have a prospective change and press into Christ even more. Allow Him to do His majestic work within you. God isn’t putting you through this transitioning season because he has forgotten about you or simply doesn’t care, He is just simply preparing you for the season to come. Look at this season as God loving you so much that He is building you up to be the queen or king he has created you to be. Yes, that is right, you are royalty! You are a child of the King! God is preparing you to fully play your role in His Kingdom!

You got this! Keep on going and press into Christ because He is the only way out!

Check out some bible verses that are helping me get through this season;
Romans 8:28– All things work together for the greater good of God’s children. God is so great that he can turn our ugliest moments into a beautiful masterpiece. He too will us this season for good!
Matthew 6:31-34– Don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. When I’m in a tough season the first thing I tend to do is worry and I have to constantly remind myself to trust that God will handle it! If I trust that God will always provide me what I need then why am I worrying? In this season I have learned the true meaning of trusting God!
The book of Job– Job was a man who had everything but lost it all. His walk through the wilderness was not easy, he cried and even cursed God. When he finally passed his test, Job was blessed in ten fold!

What are some verses that help you through a transitional season?

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