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I wanted to start off this post by telling y’all how Miranda from Sex and The City inspired me to write this. But I realize that I start quite a few of my articles sharing with you how Sex and The City played a role in what I wrote. It’s the truth though, Miranda did inspire and her sentiments over a woman’s love of talking dating, sex and relationship are similar to mine. I’m over it being the main course to many conversations.

And though I stand on how I feel, I have to admit that this post was so hard to write! Like coming up with good enough topics that measure up to convos about men, whether you’re dating or not, felt like I set myself up for an impossible task.

Why do women talk about men so much?

It seems like the juiciest conversations revolve around those with the Y chromosome. And it’s even more apparent in the Christian community with single Christian women. I never heard more men talk than when I hung with the young adults at my church. Like we could talk about one thing that did not hint at men but somehow the conversation always found it’s way back to men. It’s crazy.

Honestly, it’s not just the single women who go on and on about their desires of a future husband but it’s also the married women too. They’re the ones sharing the ins n outs of their married life and offering (mostly unwarranted) advice on how to get a husband. Needless to say, the banter surrounded around men is at an all time high. And if I can be my usual transparent self, it’s annoying as hell.

Have y’all experienced something similar or am I the only one?

A lot of women are obsessed with relationships and their (one day) men. And that’s totally fine. But I don’t think it should be the main thing we talk about. Like there’s more to life than men!

Check out my article ”You’re more than a future wife.”

I recently had a girl’s night with my friend Trene and I challenged us to, GASP, not talk about men the whole night. Ya’ll it was a CHALLENGE to say the least.

Too many times I wanted to be like, I know that these are my goals but another goal is for X (that’s what we’ll call him) to get it together. But I didn’t and I was SO proud of myself. The night was fun, as usual, but also really refreshing without going through the emotional roller coaster men put us through even when they aren’t present.

I highly recommend that you have at least one girls’ night where you talk about anything other than men or your relationship status. It’s good for the soul!

Here’s some great topics you can include in your girl’s night convo:


What are your career, life, health, relational and spirituals goals? My friends and I set apart time once a month to share our goals and hold each other accountable on those goals. We break down the goals into 5 topics and get to business sharing our deepest desires and the progress we’ve made towards accomplishing those goals. (I actually have a whole blog post coming VERY SOON about my accountability group because I think it’s mandatory that everyone has one).

Personal interests

Which can include but is not limited to food, TV shows, fashion, hobbies, etc. I challenged some friends (the ones mentioned above) this weekend to carry on a convo without bringing up men and we started talking about TV characters we were most alike. It was hilarious! I was told that I’m the Toni from Girlfriends, Molly from Insecure and Carrie Bradshaw out of my group.

Enneagrams and other personality assessment tests

They’re just so much fun and hella enlightening. You can take the tests together! Here’s some tests that I’ve taken and loved!


Five love languages:

Attachment style:

Current events

There’s just so much to talk about today.


Share revelations, personal convictions and other new happenings in your faith.


I don’t care how old I am, I’m still that kid standing in front of my TV learning ALL of the choreography from the videos on the 106 and Park countdown. Lol! I know it’s not a talking topic but I just love dancing with my friends. We still stand in front of the TV like it’s the 90’s and learn ALL of the new dances, aged knees and all.

Point of the story, we can stretch ourselves and conversation beyond that of men. They’re fine and all but there’s just more to life than them!

As I mentioned above, I’m totally obsessed with the pics we took! Trene and I really took our time to make sure our girl’s night was a whole elevated vibe! We decorated my apartment, cooked made cocktails and everything! Trene actually posted a blog about how to elevate your girls night like we did. So good, check it out!

Let me know some topics you love to talk about that don’t revolve around men. Also, let me know if you have a girl’s night inspired by mine! I want to know how it went! As always, comment below and feel free to email me directly at for prayer requests/ girl talk.


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