What I love about social media is that it connects you to all different kinds of people and exposes you to new things. One for me is fashion. I often find myself scrolling through the pages of my favorite fashion bloggers on IG in hopes to find inspiration on what to wear for the day. 

Since turning 30, I have been focusing on evolving my style to match my new (grown and sexy) age and I give credit to my fave fashion bloggers for helping with my fabulous makeover. And no, I don’t know them and they don’t know that they helped me. lol


Because New York Fashion Week starts this weekend, I am sharing some of my favorite fashion bloggers who not only have a great sense of style but also use their platforms to share their faith and spread love! As a faith blogger, I appreciate other Christian bloggers who use their platforms to share the gifts that God has given them.

I hope these beauties can offer some inspiration to live fabulously while walking this runway called life. 

Fashion Bloggers You Need To Know

Sade Solomon – @sadesolomon


Ijeoma Kola- @ijeomakola


Grace Alex- @t2pitchy


Seyi Famuyiwa- @thedailyseyi


Marlene- @curlswithapromise

Jenypher – @foreverjenypher

www. ForeverJenypher.com

Fatima Paola- @timagstyle

If any of these ladies resonate with you, be sure to follow the Instagram pages and blogs for tons more fashion inspo!

Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers? Share their IG handles below.


Monique Love

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