Have y’all seen that meme that says ”half of yall are still single because you don’t stick around after church”. Lol well this new, Fall Church Wear Guide series was inspired by it because I live in Los Angeles where people don’t typically dress up for church. So if we staying around afterward, a lot of the time we don’t look our best! Haha

I’m going to break it down into different styles. Because I thought it would better for you all if I gave multiple outfit options based on your specific styles. Additionally, I wanted to inspire you to play around with different looks because not all Christian women dress the same.

This week we’re starting out with my everyday go-to style, street chic.

What I love about street style is that it provides an elevated comfy look with a hint of sexy. I’m all about comfort at church because I need be able to move (praise) freely without feeling the constraints of uncomfortable shoes and clothes. Check out some of my favorite street chic looks by some Christian bloggers and style professionals below:

Instagram @ashleylafayette
Instagram @kristylesbykristen
Instagram @kristylesbykristen
Instagram @dreaspeaks
Instagram @tristenpaige
Instagram @tristenpaige


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