7 days into the new year and I am determined to make this year my best year yet. The drive I have right now is at 100% percent and I don’t want this fire to die. Because I have some career and body goals that HAVE to be met this year! NO EXCUSES, NO SLACKING! (I’m so serious that I had to scream in caps lock)

At one point or another, I’m sure you’ve all witnessed these ambitious new year goals die just as quickly as they were birthed. But not this year though! This year is going to be a year where we can check off at least 75% of our new year’s resolution list as completed.

So in order to actually live out this “new year, new me” attitude, we need to change the rhythm of our movement and get things done. Today, I want to share with y’all some tips to get these resolutions completed so that by the time 2020 comes around, we can move forward into the new year without looking back at the stuff we should have and wished we would have completed.

Alright, you ready to get popping and crank out this list of yours? Keep reading for more…


There are so many life principles that I learn from the Bible and one main theme that I am reminded of is the importance of community. Jesus walked this earth with people and His disciples were able to assist Jesus so that He could fulfill His purpose on this earth. We can’t reach our goals by ourselves, we need people to help us achieve our goals! Enlist like minded people and form groups where you hold each other accountable. Let me know if the comments if you’d be interested in me starting groups where we can encourage one another to work towards our goals!

Quick story on the importance of community.. One of my biggest goals this year is body wellness, I want my body to be SNATCHED! Last night I was EXHAUSTED and haunted (that R Kelly documentary has messed me up) but I knew I had to go to the gym. I almost did not make it however, a friend came to work out with me. You see the importance of a like minded community when we have similar goals and push each other towards excellence and completion!? Goals become accomplished!


Yesterday at church my pastor said, God favors faithfulness/ consistency. Keep going even when you don’t feel like it. Do it because you were called to it and not because you feel like it. Try to commit at least 30 minutes a day to work towards each new year’s resolution.

Game Plan


Okay, so you know what you want to accomplish this year, but how do you plan on actually achieving these goals/ resolutions? You need a game plan. Write down your list and create a realistic strategy on how you plan to get from point A – Z by the end of year.

Self Care

Take time to treat yourself and unwind. The reason why most people quit on their goals is because they work non-stop and then burn out. In order to prevent that kind of exhaustion, frequently schedule self care days so that you can rest and reset! Check out my post on different ways to participate in self care Sunday.

Okay, so I hope these tips helped! Seriously can’t wait to see everyone’s glow up by the end of the year.

Don’t forget to comment below if you’d be interested in me starting groups where we can hold each other accountable in working towards our resolutions. Also, share you new year’s resolutions with me below, let’s support each other!


Monique Love

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