Hey y’all. Life has been an emotional roller-coaster since publishing my I Was Celibate For 6 Years And Today I Took The Day After Pill post 2 weeks ago. I’ve experienced almost every emotion in the book but mostly it’s been peace, relief, and gratitude to God for making something impactful out of my mess. To be completely honest, shame and embarrassment have been recurring feelings fighting to dominate my mind.

I’ve been embarrassed that though many were blessed by my transparency, I had to live in the trenches of sin to get to a place of change. (Side note: my actions were my own and I don’t blame anyone including God for laying in that bed. It was all me, boo.)

In the midst of my recent pity party which turned up today in my car, I had a revelation. I was asked, “why be embarrassed by what God found usable to bless others”? That question alone got the tears to stop flowing and helped me to change my perspective. Yeah, the journey may not have been easy, but it got me to the intended destination.

So, if you, like me have been struggling with coping with the realities of your life, I’m here to tell you that your story is beautiful. And I’m talking the whole thing – life before and after Christ.

It’s so inspiring to see where you started and how God brought you out of that ugly space and into paradise with Him. Living for God isn’t easy and when you slip along the way, God won’t miss the chance to share His goodness by delivering you from the woes of the world. Your life will bring someone else to glory, therefore don’t be ashamed of the trials you went through to get that testimony.

We all want to be used by God, but a lot of us don’t realize that on the other side of that sermon worthy testimony is tests and trials. You see, you can only get to the promised land by traveling through the wilderness. Life will get you and you will experience some sort of ’embarrassing’ hardship, but the outcome produced through active and obedience faith outweighs it all.

Don’t be ashamed of where you started out because God saw you there and still said “that’s my daughter whom I love very much. She will do great things in my name.” God sees your life valuable enough to use every inch of you and turn it around for His good.

This post was short, but I just wanted to encourage those who are ashamed of who they were or have been to have a little more grace on themselves.

As always, you want to discuss further, leave a comment below or email me directly at monique@withlovebylove.com.

With love,

Monique Love

Yesterday was my first time in a pool all summer. You know it didn’t happen if I don’t have photo proof. So I had a little photoshoot with my friends! How has your summer been?

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