I’m back! So sorry for being MIA. I had so much going on in February and March, I was tested in many ways and honestly, I was not in the space to write. But I’m back now!!

One of the new changes in my life is that I just moved! My sister, who is pregnant with my nephew, and I just moved into an apartment in North Hollywood aka the valley!! I am so in love with our new place. From the details in our apartment to the community, this place is EVERYTHING we wanted and prayed for. Getting to this point is nothing but the grace and glory of God! We have been trying to get a place together for YEARS and every place said no to us because we didn’t have credit. What’s funny about those homes is that they were never our dream spot. We were just sort of settling so that we could have a home. Christ does not want us to settle, He wants to give us exactly what we want and need!

With all that being said, I am soon to experience my first valley heatwave. They say the valley heat is something serious. Summers are known to surpass 110 degree.  Lord help me! It’s crazy how only a few miles (literally) outside of Los Angeles can make that big of a difference in the weather. Anyways, this DIY Rosewater Face Mist and Toner that I am sharing today is EVERYTHING, it is one of my everyday essentials that I can not live without. And with hot weather slowly approaching, I have a tighter grip on my bottles than ever before! Not only does the mist have the perfect cooling effect for HOT days, it is also a toner and moisture rich ! 3-in-1, can’t go wrong with that.

Witch-hazel is a great astringent that combats acne prone skin by removing excess oil and any impurities all while nourishing the skin with properties that add moisture to your face. Another amazing benefit of Witch-hazel is that it actually has the tannins and polyphenols properties that help protect our skin from UV damage by the sun which helps fight off any sun related diseases! Rosewater, which is one of my favorite natural products, is a miracle in a bottle! If you have fine lines due to age or sun damage, acne prone skin or just skin that you feel needs to be brought back to life, you need rosewater in your life ASAP! Rosewater helps all of the above and more. With astringent, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, rosewater helps tone the skin, clean/ close open pores, heal scares/ blemishes and generate skin cells which makes the skin look younger than ever. Like witch-hazel, rosewater also helps heal the skin from sun damage. Witch-hazel and rosewater are a powerful duo that make the perfect base for a summer loving face mist and toner. It has all the benefits that every skin type is in need of during hot summers when our skin is exposed.

You can use the Rosewater Face Mist and Toner as often as you’d like. Use it after you wash your face and before you moisturize for an extra clean and to close your pores. If it’s hot outside and you need a quick cool down, spray away! If you are sunburn after spending the day in the sun, spray for quick relief and healing.

DIY Rosewater Face Mist and Toner

4oz dark colored spray bottle *Preserves the nutrients/ benefits of the oils

2 oz- 100% witch hazel

1.5 oz- Rosewater (I usually add the rosewater at the end and fill up the bottle with it)

1 Tsp-Jojoba oil

1 Tsp Rosehip Oil

10-20 drops- of your favorite essential oil (I used Grapefruit oil and Rosemary Oil for this bottle)

*This spray is clutch during hot summers, but by no means is this spray a substitute for a sun screen. However, you can definitely add the Summer Loving Face Mist and Toner to your sun protection regimen!


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