I’ve been saved basically my whole life, but I didn’t start really living for God until I was 24 (I’m 31 now). One of the biggest reasons why I wasn’t sprinting towards the cross in my early 20s is because (to be honest) I wanted to live my best life. And what I thought being fully surrender to Christ was din’t fit into litty plans. In fact, I assumed that living for Christ meant I had to sacrifice fun for a round the clock serious life.

I wanted to live for Christ and do my own thing too. Has anyone been there and found out that you really can’t serve two masters?

Before I gave my life to God, he was calling me for a while, but there were too many reservations holding me back from committing completely. Like, at that point I didn’t know anyone my age who was following Christ like that. Was it just for the kids and older adults? And then, it seemed like every time I tried, I’d date a new guy who’d push me away from the cross. Oh, and let’s not even mention sex. For reasons that weren’t necessarily spiritual, I wanted to be celibate badly. BUT the time I decided to hold out and let the guy know where I stood, he respected my wishes. And because of that, I gave it up to him the very same night I told him I was having sex. Crazy right?!

It wasn’t until I was 24 that my aunt took me to visit a church that I saw many young adults boldly & genuinely be all in for Christ. Surprisingly, there were many familiar faces in the congregation. People I even partied with, unashamedly had their hands lifts and voices raised for God. It was a beautiful thing and helped me feel more comfortable about answering God’s call.

Despite my fears of losing my “fun” life for Christ, I jumped two feet in and haven’t looked back (best decision ever – shameless Gospel plug).

In hopes of helping another lady who’s at that crossroads I once was at and is wondering whether she should take the leap, were talking common misconceptions about living for Christ. (Side note: I don’t regret anything I’ve done during the time I ignored Christ, whether it’s the abortion or idolization, because He’s been using my life experience to bring glory to Him.)

-Life with Christ is turnt up-

If you’re side eyeing me right now, answer this question. What was Jesus’ first miracle? It was turning water into wine AT A PARTY. The party-goers at the wedding Jesus was at were having such a good time that they cleaned out the bar and needed more (cue Jesus’ miraculous act). Now to be clear, I’m not encouraging drunkenness because the bible speaks clearly against that (and plus you’re too cute to be sloppy). My point is that the real party is with the believers. As a Christian, you have so much to celebrate and if you’re doing Christianity right – it’s lit (not sure if people say that anymore).

-You’re not condemended-

Before i was for-real for-real saved, I instantly took a christian’s advice as judgment before anything else. I along with other’s (let’s be honest) viewed their advice as unachievable and reserved for the “holier than thou”. One of the many beautiful things about giving your life to God is that you receive the Holy Spirit who dwells in and with you. The bible refers to the Holy Spirit, which IS God, as an advocate, a teacher and peace. God doesn’t put his children down. He course corrects and lovingly speaks to us through the Spirit. What I love about my journey with Christ is that every change I’ve had has been genuine with the Holy Spirit guiding me & Christ showing Himself. Nothing has been forced.

-You don’t have to be perfect-

I gave my life to God on one of my ugliest days. Externally, I was FIINE, but inside I was all messed up. You don’t have to be perfect to join the body. Truthfully, God loves an imperfect person. It gives Him the opportunity to get the glory for the work He does in you. A perfect person has no work to be done and probably doesn’t even need Christ. So if you’ve been waiting to rid yourself of baggage before committing, abort your mission and come to Christ as you are. Let Him take on those marks and burdens. He wants to.

-Christian music crosses genres (in terms of style)-

There are a lot of artists and songs that SLAPS. Christian music has definitely evolved over the years. And Kirk Franklin isn’t the only dope hip hop inspired christian artist. There’s so many great hip hop & even soul-like artist out there spreading the gospel. Some faves I recommend are Gloman, Lecrae, Montell Fish, Sean Johnson, Tori Kelly and (don’t sleep on) Kanye and his Sunday Service Choir.

-The bible is very real & still relevant-

Countless times the word of God has provided me with the right words at the right time.

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Monique Love

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