Everyday I pray. I pray on my knees. I tell God that I don’t want treasures that aren’t stored up in heaven. I release the idols I’ve built. I consciously pick up the cross and die to myself. Just like the Bible instructs, I hand my burdens to God.

Prayer is good. It strengthens me and helps me shift my focus from the worries that constantly run rampant in my mind. I understand that as a Christian, most of my battles are done in the spiritual. I fight fully armored up. Yet, worry has been an ongoing battle and it’s affecting the way I live. It’s taken away the passion and drive to be my best me. It sucks.

Can you relate? Have you tried to combat anxiety biblically only to find it not completely successful? For some, fighting anxiety the “Christian way” has been a temporary fix. No matter how hard you try to overcome by the book, the anxiety/ depression always finds a way to resurface. In the long run it messes with your head because it can cause you to feel immature in faith, defeated, inadequate, etc.

There are saints, myself included, that will sit in that cycle hoping for change without making any changes. Question, if you find yourself in this constant loop, do you ever listen to the solutions God’s giving you on how to release your burdens? Or do you just pray and hope that God will magically take them away?

God is so great that you can fall asleep one day and wake up free the next without having to do any work. God is also amazing in the way that His answer is tied to tools He provides for us to win. Not going to lie, during a season of my life a lot of my blessings were tied to my obedience. If I didn’t follow God’s pathway then I wouldn’t get to the promise. As I’ve matured, I realized that God probably did that for spiritual developmental purposes.

I believe that my mental wellness journey is following down the same route. And I believe that’s the deal for most of us. When you get to a point in your life where your mental wellness routine is no longer working for you, then it’s probably time to enlist help from an outside source.

If you fear that therapy (or medication) is a cop out and it prevents God from being Jehovah Rapha. I challenge you to question where those beliefs come from? In the bible (and in everyday life) God uses people to be a blessing for others. As a Christian, you are to die to yourself daily to make way for God so that He can use you in this world. You are a vessel that God uses to connect with His people.

Therefore, therapy is not the result of God and prayer not working, it’s actually an answer to God’s promise of taking away our burdens. With therapy, he enlists people to help you manage/ become free from the worries that hold you down.

Being a Christian who struggles with mental illness, doesn’t mean that your faith is weak. Christ isn’t surprised nor disappointed by depression, anxiety, etc. He knew that as a result to being in this world, these conditions would be prevalent which is why in various Bible verses He promised us deliverance. By relying on God and using the resources He made available to us, whether it be therapy and/or medication, is proof of your faith. Your courage for getting the promise of not being held down by whatever your burdens are will bless others.

I have not yet been to therapy but I plan to start next month. As much as I’ve prayed to God to release me from my fears and worries, I’ve also ignored the tools He’s made available for me to get better.

I hope this article has opened eyes and given you the courage to get help if you need it. If you’d like to further discuss this topic or need prayer, either leave a comment below or email me at monique@withlovebylove.com.



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