Are you single? If so, how many times have you grown frustrated with your singleness? Do you feel like you’re ready for married life? Your credit is good, you got a house, a car, a great job, a bomb personality PLUS you’re ready to give God the glory for giving you your heart’s great desire.

1+1=2, so why hasn’t God bless me with a great man?

Too many woman have asked these questions.

Though everything on paper looks good, you’re clearly not ready because God hasn’t presented that man to you yet. That’s not to say something is wrong with you, because it’s not. BEING SINGLE ISN’T A PLAGUE.

*We’ve got to remember that marriage isn’t the prize for a perfect faith walk. And it surely shouldn’t be what you desire most… but we’ll get into that on another day.*

Because of some situations, I’ve gotten myself into lately (we’ll also talk about that VERY soon), I’ve received a revelation that some of us are still single because we’re not strong enough to withstand temptation.

Like I know you may have been celibate for YEARS, but is that a result of you not having the opportunity to not be? And if that’s the case, if God presented you with the man He exclusively created for you, can you honestly say that you are strong enough to not fall into sexual temptation right now?

Hint: if you idolize marriage, are unhappy with your singleness or struggle with lust, you may not be.

This is a hard topic to discuss and I’m probably coming for your life right now, but it’s not to bring you down. I just want to share this so that if you, like me, fit into that category, you can get the tools to really overcome this.

The thing with lust and idolization is that they’re bad seeds that grow like weeds in your heart. If you don’t get rid of them, they can corrupt you. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”, Proverbs 23:7. Thoughts, reflect your heart and what’s in your heart can manifest into action if you don’t purify it.

Maybe God is keeping you single right now to protect you from yourself because He sees that you’re not yet strong enough to withstand the temptations that come with being in a relationship. Cause, sis, no matter how saved you and that man may be, you two will be attracted to one another and temptation will creep in. And if you have a lust, discontentment or idolization problem, those thoughts can quickly turn into doing something you have no business doing.


And before you try to find a way around your problems to get what you want, accountability partners are an amazing asset in a burgeoning relationship. However, it can’t solve the problem in your heart. Christ looks at your heart and He wants it to be pure. Help is great, but you need to rid your heart of the impurities so that when God does gift you with your man to be, you can truly honor Him with that blessing.

Marriage is a tool to advance the kingdom. If you’re not strong enough to overcome sexual temptation, it’ll be really hard to do the work God has called you to do. Sexual acts of any sort (physically or mentally) can birth soul ties, distorted vision, and distraction. So sis, whatever you struggle with, get to the root of it and purge because the kingdom is counting on you.

Sis, I pray that if you are truly struggling in this area that you uproot those weeds so that God can replace it with all the good things He has for you.


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