Welcome to the beautiful world of With Love By Love! It’s Monique Love here, editor in chief of this space and I’m hyped up for all that God has planted in my heart for this site.

First and foremost, we are Jesus loving, bible based folks and at the same time against the church culture that enforces law but doesn’t have love. The bible says you can do many mighty things in Christ’s name BUT if you don’t have love then it means nothing. We believe in the harmonic balance of love and obedience to Christ and his Word. We know Jesus, who is Love, as our God and being sent down in human form to save us from this world and death.

Here on With Love By Love, we are completely bold in the topics we discuss. We love to dive deep into the topics that aren’t quite often discussed in the church but is so needed because their very real subjects in which Christians experience and struggle in. Like sex, sexuality, modesty, mental health, race, biblical (universal) love plus much more. 

With Love By Love is a safe space for the ladies who like me never quite fit into the church culture. 

With Love By Love is encourages transparency in order to free yourself and others. And at the same time we are a non-condemning community of women. We believe in lifting each other up instead of tearing someone down.

With Love By Love is a community for the popping, confident, unapologetic, go-getting Christian millennial woman to get her life and connect with others. If you want to grow in Christ, cultivate relationships with like minded people, be delivered from strongholds; then With Love By Love may be the place for you! Browse the site and let me know what you think. 

With Love,

Monique Love