Hey ladies!

Cuffing season is finally here! How did y’all make out?

Well, I did have a few prospects but none were draft-worthy so I’m spending the season as a two person team – Jesus and me. Don’t feel bad for me though because you never know what kind of mid-season trade God is willing to make for His daughter. And if it doesn’t happen at all, I’m okay because I rather be by myself than with someone who God didn’t choose for me.

Feel me?

I’m so over picking for myself. That’s so “before Christ” life.

Anyways, I’m jumping for joy because it’s fall! It’s favorite my season! Not only do I get to celebrate my birthday but the weather is PERFECT! And even with the colorful backdrop, delicious foods, fabulous fashion and fun activities that the fall brings, there’s something that I absolutely hate about this season. I can’t stand the in your face couples and the overly saturated “for couples” activities.

I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Somewhere down the line those in relationships have tried to take reign on fall. I mean it’s gone as far as us even nicknaming fall (and winter), “cuffing season”, because we as a culture decided that doing fall with someone else is way better than doing it alone.



Let’s kill the narrative that life in romantic partnership is the key to a great life. Ugh, it’s so annoying. This fictional tale has made lots of single folks impatient in their wait and as a result put their lives on hold until prince charming arrives.

Being single at 30 years old has taught me that you don’t have to miss out on life’s great experiences because you don’t have a man. I personally, refuse to put my life on hold until God sends me my future husband. I’m sorry, I just can’t do it. If you let go of what could (or even should) be and enjoy the now, life as a single can be just as fulfilling as being in a relationship.

Please don’t get with a man just because you don’t want to feel left out. If you’re always settling or waiting for what God has next, you’ll miss the reason for the season you’re currently in. There’s purpose and blessings where you are right now.

Learn to enjoy this season!

Enjoying brunch with my friend, Brian

Though I’m constantly looking over my shoulder to see if my man is in close proximity, I’ve learned to cherish the relationships that I do have in my friends and family. Single ladies, fall can be just as fun and adventurous for us as it is for couples!

This fall I dare you to find JOY in your single season and LIVE it up! I dare you to do something alone that you normally wouldn’t do. I dare you to have fun. I dare you to prioritize self-love and self-care this season. I dare you to walk away from the things and people that make you feel less than who you really are. I double dare you to fall completely in love with yourself so much that you won’t settle for anything less than God’s best.

Y’all in?

Check out a list of different activities that you can do this fall solo or with friends and family.

Have fun!

  1. Visit an apple orchard
  2. Go on a stay-cation (I live in Los Angles where we don’t have enough trees that have falling leaves to bless us with a color fall backdrop, so I love to travel to the town over to experience at least one beautiful fall day)
  3. Visit corn maze
  4. Go to a wine vineyard
  5. Try the seasonal drinks a Starbucks
  6. Binge watch an entire series. (Spend at least one guilt-free weekend cozied up on your couch/ bed with take-out while watching a TV Show)
  7. Shop your local farmer’s market
  8. Try something new (This is the season to be fearless, take that class that you’ve always wanted to but never had the courage to do so)
  9. Enjoy a solo date
  10. Go to a haunted house
  11. Stay off Instagram for at least 5 days
  12. Read a new book
  13. Go to a pumpkin patch
  14. Crave a pumpkin
  15. Go dancing

Comment below to share what you’ve done on the list or just to chat! Always feel free to email me for prayer or girl talk, monique@withlovebylove.com

I love you and God loves you more!

With Love,

Monique Love

Girls night!

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