Okay, Ladies! Today we’re talking all about vaginas. Yes, vaginas!

Maintaining vaginal health is so important because not only does optimal health strengthen the pelvic walls, it also affects bladder control, stores bacteria (good and bad) and reduces the risk of vagina related diseases. Being celibate doesn’t give you the right to neglect your vagina. You still need to take care of it. For some reason, there’s this out of mind, act and sight mentality for a few of the sexually inactive folks out there. However, I say NO MORE!

God instructed us to not have sex before marriage but He never told us to not care for our lady parts. In fact, it’s important to take care of the body you were given because it’s the shell that enables you to live out your God given purpose.

As women, whether sexually active or not, you need to start caring for your vagina. Trust me, your future elderly self will thank you when you’re the only one out of your peers not wearing adult diapers.

Check out 3 things you need to add to your life in order to maintain optimal vaginal health. 


There’s this tell-tale myth out there that says those who are virgins or have the least amount of sex have tight vaginas. While there is truth to that, there are factors that can weaken/ loosen the vaginal walls like weight gain and aging. Kegels, which is a muscle exercise performed in the vagina, are great because they help keep the vaginal wall strong which then supports a better pregnancy & childbirth experience as well as a strong bladder that doesn’t lead to random urine leakage when you’re older.


Vajacial, get it? Vag-acial. It’s a vagina facial. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a treatment for the vaginal skin. The benefits include getting rid of ingrown hairs, putting moisture back into the skin, brightening the skin (bye bye 5 o’clock shadow!) and removing bacteria.

Pap smear

It’s believed by many that Pap smears are only necessary for the sexually active. Well you know what? The lie detector test determined that was a lie. Pap smears check for more than an STD. Everything from cancerous cells to bacteria vaginitis can be found through your Pap smear. Doctors recommend to get screened at least once a year.

Honorable mentions: yoni steam, waxing/ sugaring and vaginal probiotics


Monique Love

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