I don’t know about you, but the men at my church weren’t created for me. Although great guys, mine isn’t in that pack. Plenty of women feel the same way and have “bro zoned” the men they worship with weekly.

But don’t worry, hope isn’t lost! The man God has for you is out there; he just may not be in the common churchy places you thought you’d meet him. And yes, he can still be just as saved and sanctified as your “bro zoned” homies.

So, I’m sharing some great places where you can meet men outside of your church.

Through a mutual friend

Hear me out. I know that blind dates have a terrible rep, BUT you can meet a great, Godly man through a mutual friend. The first meet up doesn’t have to be a blind date. You and your friends can organize a gathering where you all bring eligible (let me repeat ELIGIBLE) bachelors where you can vibe out and get to know people without the pressure of going on a date.

Car wash

No lie, I have about four friends who’ve met their significant other at the car wash. I’m not sure what it is about people getting chose up at the car wash, but we all know that frogs love water. So, sis next time you’re at the car wash lookout for the man that may be your prince.

Dating apps

Okay, so I know of only a few success stories from dating apps. However, for the people it worked for, it worked! Dating apps aren’t for everyone, and some Christians are firmly against them, but I don’t see anything wrong with making yourself visible to be seen by your future man.

Social media

It’s similar to online dating, but you’re not putting yourself out there to date. What I love about social media is that you can totally be yourself and people can watch you from a distance to determine if they want to approach you. When used correctly, social media is a GREAT place to meet a man.


Man, who doesn’t love to go out to eat to find that their bill has been covered by the men sitting at the next table? I love a good girl’s night where I can get dressed up and go out to a fancy, hip restaurant. I’ve met plenty of great guys while dining out.

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Grocery store

8 times out of 10, if he’s at the grocery store stocking up on food for the week, he’s single!

Dog Park

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Have you seen a dog park lately? They’re filled with men, and dogs of course! Instead of just walking your dog down the street, take him to a dog park to play with other pooches. And who knows, you may find someone to keep you occupied as well.


This one may be obvious, but I still felt the need to list this for the ones who didn’t know.

Creative class

Whether it’s an art, cooking or music class; you can totally meet guys while taking a creative class. What’s even better is that you already have a common interest in the class subject!

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Source: Instagram @SophaRush

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